South Jersey Magazine
Best of the Best
July 2012

Philadelphia Examiner
Best Slice of Pizza in Rittenhouse Square
June 2011


Thrillist – Philadelphia
“Building on the success of the South Philly original, SLiCE just opened a similarly menu’d Center
City outpost…”
September 2009

The Omnivore, by Rich Pawlak
“A SliCE of Pure Pizza Bliss”
May 2009

Philadelphia Style
Two local foodies taste-test the best pizza in Philadephia. “At this spot at 10th and Federal, you can get individual slices of regular pizza with or without additional toppings, but in our humble opinion you’d be wasting your time:”
March 2009

Philadelphia Inquirer
Satisfying His Hunger
February 2009

City Paper by Drew Lazur
“Last weekend saw the debut of SliCE, a gourmet takeout with freshness on the brain. The team’s still crafting the final menu, but the golden-baked Neopolitian pizzas, including BBQ chicken and the classic margherita, should do well to tide you over. Non-pie eats include create-your-own calzones and SliCE-arotti, the ship’s take on panzarotti. Bite This: Ficle pizza folks will love the “Quatro Stagione,” a pie you customize quarter by quarter. Toppings include goodies like artichoke hearts, Maglio sausage, arugula and house-grated Parmesan.”

Philadelphia Magazine
“It may be called SliCE, but it’s the fresh-from-the-oven-hand-tossed pies that made us love this bare-bones new South Philly spot. The thin, crisp crust is topped with a light blanket of fresh, chunky tomato sauce and generous handfuls of cheese. Take our suggestion: Keep it simple. Too many toppings can weigh this Neapolitan-style pizza down. Opt for the elegant margarita with fresh mozzarella, or garlicky Florentine.”

Philly Hot List 2008 Readers Choice Best Pizza
Voter Review: “Their pie has a beautiful chunky sauce with a nice light crust!!! I’m glad
they opened in my neighborhood. I actually started eating pizza again thanks to these

Philadelphia Magazine
Best of Philly 2007, Best Pizza